AITH EXCL: 100 Feet promo!

Eric Red, writer of NEAR DARK, THE HITCHER and BLUE STEEL, has been laying low since the mid-90s. Meanwhile we've been stuck with imitation crap like Michael Bay's HITCHER remake. Lucky for us, Red is ready to make a triumphant comeback with the horror flick 100 FEET. The film stars Famke Janssen, Michael Pare, Bobby Cannavalle, Ed Westwick and our own John Fallon (aka The Arrow!) and follows a woman sentenced to house arrest after the self-defense killing of her husband. Trouble is the ghost of her ex is haunting the house and looking for a little revenge.

Red recently said he's wrapping up the film now and that it "will be finished at the end of March." In anticipation of the film, Arrow in the Head has an exclusive 100 FEET promo reel to show off! The promo reel is like a trailer, but better, highlighting some of the movie's best scenes without really giving anything away. Just a feather gently tickling your ass. Check out the promo reel here at AITH and be sure to check out the AITH hosted official 100 FEET blog and the film's MYSPACE for more info and updates. Enjoy!



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