AITH EXCL: Shutter!

Are the poster designers of the world trying to scare the shit out of my kids? It was bad enough I had to explain what the eff was going on in that ONE MISSED CALL poster, now I'm gonna have to explain this new SHUTTER one as well. For us grown ups though, it's pretty cool stuff and our boys at Arrow in the Head have the exclusive look at the poster for the new Fox thriller. The film stars Joshua Jackson as a dude who begins to notice ghostly images in photographs he's developing. Why he doesn't just chuck the old 35mm and go digital remains to be seen but perhaps he's a purist. Hey, Spielberg doesn't want to go digital either! I haven't seen the 2004 Thai film this project is based on but Arrow gave it 3.5 stars and said "I squinted my eyes in utmost fear like a uber bitch!" Uh-oh. If it gave Arrow fits, I'm gonna shutter in my pants. You see a teaser of the poster to your right and you can head to AITH to see the full magilla and read more about the film. SHUTTER hits theaters on March 21.

Extra Tidbit: You can also check out the SHUTTER trailer here.



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