Aja on Piranha?

Filmmaker Alexandre Aja has already brought us killer desert mutants and bloodied French babes. Does he have little hungry fish in his future?

The guy behind HIGH TENSION and THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake might be wading into watery carnage, says IESB. Aja is apparently attached to direct a remake of the enthusiastically campy flick PIRANHA for Dimension. When it was originally announced back in 2005, it had a script from Chuck Russell (ERASER, THE MASK), but it has likely been discarded for whatever Aja has flitting around his mental aquarium.

After JAWS hit theaters, millions of people suddenly became very uncomfortable in any water deeper than their sink. A couple of years later, Roger Corman's killer-fish cheapie shamelessly tried to elicit the same feeling. Directed by GREMLINS guy Joe Dante in his early days, PIRANHA found the hungry little mutated swimmers stripping the flesh of guests at a summer resort.
Extra Tidbit: James Cameron would later bring back the lethal eaters in the crap classic PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING.
Source: IESB



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