Aja talks Piranha!

Our own JimmyO had the opportunity to chill with director Alex Aja in the editing bay for his new horror film MIRRORS. While a full report on that is upcoming, Jimmy was able to get Aja to talk a little bit about his next project, PIRANHA 3-D. To all those calling PIRANHA a remake, Aja asks you to step off por favor. "It's not a remake at all," the director tells us. "There is not even a link between the Joe Dante or the James Cameron movie besides the fish. And even our fish are quite different." Hmm. I'm a little confused about how this isn't a remake but Aja tries to clarify by explaining, "it's really like a new take; doing a new movie about piranhas." OK so it's how VOLCANO wasn't a remake of DANTE'S PEAK or ARMAGEDDON wasn't a remake of DEEP IMPACT. Just separate movies that have to do with volcanoes, asteroids and piranhas. (Now if we could get one movie to include ALL those things, we'd really be cooking with bacon.) Aja said the main reason he's doing the film is the chance to make a horror film with the new 3-D technology that he describes as "just the best thing ever!" Piranhas flying out of the screen and biting at your face might just be the best thing ever in 3-D. At least until we get porn shot with the new 3-D technology. Actually that's just kinda disgusting. Stay tuned for more from the editing bay of MIRRORS and more talk with Alex Aja!

Extra Tidbit: I can't tell you how many times I originally misspelled "piranha" in this article...



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