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Akiva Goldsman is NOT directing Paranormal Activity 2


The internet has been a flutter with rumors that Akiva Goldsman will be directing the sequel to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

Well, Deadline Hollywood says that shit isn't true.

Goldsman has joined the film, but not as the director. He will however, be executive producer and will help the producing team of Oren Peli, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider to flesh out the story.

The directing job will apparently be filled when the project gets closer to it's May production start.

The spot for someone to helm came when Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate removed Kevin Greutert from the position. Then last month, a shortlist of directors got out. The list included Brad Anderson, Greg McLean, and Brian De Palma (yes, we were shocked too). Goldsman's name was thrown in as well, but he decided not to take on the directing role.

Extra Tidbit: Is anyone excited for the this at all?
Source: Deadline



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