Alan Alda to star in films from Brett Ratner and Judd Apatow

It's always a good day when there's some Alan Alda news.

Hawkeye hasn't done anything since since last year when he guested on 30 ROCK and now he has managed to book two projects on the big screen.

First off we have Judd Apatow's WANDERLUST which starts Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. The story centers on, "a married couple (Aniston and Rudd) trying to escape modern society by moving out of New York, Alda will play the head of a naturist village."

Then the Alda gets with Brett Ratner for TOWER HEIST. We've talked about HEIST a few times, but for those who need catching up: "An overworked manager (Stiller) of an illustrious tower residence who leads a team of defrauded workers in a heist of its penthouse tenant, a Bernie Madoff-type Wall Street capitalist who pulled a Ponzi scheme and swindled the staff." Alda will take on the role of the capitalist.

Welcome back Alda and your magnificent voice.

Extra Tidbit: Will Aniston bring down the Apatow flick or will she rise like the phoenix?
Source: THR



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