Alba meets Love Guru

Like another A-list Jessica with a divine derrière, Jessica Alba has stated a desire to be taken "seriously", yet insists on putting her fine frame in comedies of questionable quality.

Alba has just joined Paramount's THE LOVE GURU, which puts one-time funnyman Mike Myers (with SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER being that one time -- you can kindly keep the AUSTIN POWERS franchise, thank you) back in front of the camera in a non-green and non-CG role, playing what will no doubt be another in a seemingly endless string of excruciatingly broad characters.

In the needlessly complex-sounding romcom, Myers plays an American, raised by Indian gurus, who returns to the States as a self-help "couples specialist" trying to get a hockey player (Romany Malco, aka the only guy from THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN who isn't famous -- yet) back with his wife, who's having an affair with a rival player and throwing off the game. Alba owns the hockey team, and for some as-yet-unknown reason, Verne Troyer plays the coach.

Alba will also be seen playing it for laughs in GOOD LUCK CHUCK before getting serious again in the medical thriller AWAKE and the horror remake THE EYE, while somehow retaining extreme hotness regardless of genre.
Extra Tidbit: Before showcasing her burgeoning desirability on DARK ANGEL, Alba starred on THE NEW ADVENTURES OF FLIPPER.
Source: Variety



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