Alba's hot trailer

Not to turn this into another one of those Dane Cook arguments but I don't understand the appeal of this guy at all. And that's putting it quite diplomatically and politely. But I might have to see GOOD LUCK CHUCK, his upcoming film, for one reason. Jessica Alba. Whoever the marketing people are who put together the trailer for this movie need to be commended. Normally the name "Dane Cook" in the trailer would be enough to turn me off (see: MR. BROOKS) but Jessica Alba wearing penguin panty underwear just about counteracts the effects of Cook. The plot, if you must know, involves a guy who has the unfortunate luck of having his ex-girlfriends get married directly after breaking up with him. When he finds a girl he falls in love with he needs to reverse the curse. Or something like that. What you see below is all you really need to know. The trailer premiered over here at IGN Movies and the film will be in theaters on August 24th. Thanks to sister site MovieHotties for the pics (click that link to see even more).

Extra Tidbit: CHUCK is directed by Mark Helfrich longtime editor for Brett Ratner.
Source: IGN Movies



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