Alec is a Keeper

Alec Baldwin The greatest of all the Baldwins, Alec, who's so unbelievably hilarious on NBC's criminally underrated "30 Rock" it's hard to imagine how TV survived without this gem of a character, has joined Cameron Diaz, Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning in MY SISTER'S KEEPER, the Nick Cassavetes-directed and Jeremy Leven-scripted adaptation of the Jodi Picoult novel of the same name. In it, a child (Elle Fanning) sues her parents for emancipation when she starts to suspect she was only born as a means to prolong the life of her cancer-stricken sister (Dakota Fanning). Baldwin plays Elle's attorney with Diaz playing the girls' mother, who's also a lawyer and decides to represent herself. In real life, little Elle is starting to suspect she was only born to prolong the fame of older sister Dakota. This movie could hit a little closer to home than these two burgeoning starlets realize. Baldwin can continue being seen being impossibly brilliant on the above-mentioned "30 Rock".

Extra Tidbit: Baldwin's middle name is Rae.
Source: Variety



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