Alex Proyas to direct sci-fi film from Robopocalypse author

Author Daniel H. Wilson just sold his latest novel "AMP" to Doubleday two weeks ago. Yesterday, Summit already snatched up the feature film rights to the project and have Alex Proyas (DARK CITY, KNOWING) attached to produce and direct.

Wilson admits the book won't be finished until at least 2012 but that's not stopping Hollywood from getting while the gettings good. Steven Spielberg recently signed on to direct Wilson's ROBOPOCALYPSE and that suddenly made the author a hot commodity.

Not much is known about "AMP" other than it will be developed as a sci-fi/action film with socio-political themes. Wilson's agent calls it a techno-thriller that "explores and expands the definition of what it means to be human."

UPDATE - A little more info has leaked on the plot: The novel is set in a world where the technology designed to make the disabled whole, turns them into supermen.

So how does a screenwriter work on the script while Wilson is simultaneously working on the novel the script would be based off of? Wilson will write pages and submit them both to his editor and the writer that he, Proyas and Summit have chosen for the gig. A strange way to go about it for sure but it worked for Spielberg and his writer Drew Goddard so no reason to think it couldn't work here.

Extra Tidbit: I'm assuming AMP stands for something. Any ideas?
Source: Deadline



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