Alexis Bledel will be Saoirse Ronan's other deadly half in Violet and Daisy

She may have been at the tail end of an assassin's bullet in SIN CITY, but now Alexis Bledel is turning the tables and will be killing some bitches of her own.

She's just signed on to start in VIOLET AND DAISY, alongside Saoirse Ronan, in a role that was rumored to be going to Carey Mulligan. The story follows a pair of teenaged assassins who are sent on a routine mission, but find the target is something other than they expected.

Also involved is James Gandolfini, who is presumably the target. Previously Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo have been rumored to be joining the cast, but none of that has been confirmed with the Bledel announcement, though I do suspect Bruce Willis would never miss the chance to play an assassin for the fifteenth time.

Though she may still look like a teen, Bledel is pushing 30, while Ronan is only sixteen. Are we sure Bledel didn't sign a pact with the devil alongside Michael Cera to look young forever?

Extra Tidbit: How does one pronounce "Saoirse"?
Source: Variety



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