Ali is Mostly Ghostly

Ali Lohan As Lindsay Lohan quietly races towards a tragic drug related end, her little sister Ali is attempting to pick up where Linds' once promising career left off. She's slated to make her big screen debut in MOSTLY GHOSTLY, an adaptation of the R.L. Stine pre-teen series of the same name. She'll apparently play a character similar to that of her big sister's in MEAN GIRLS in a story centering on an eleven year-old boy who has two ghosts living in his bedroom. The film is expected to be released later this year. Unfortunately, Ali also has a reality show with mom and manager Dina scheduled to debut on "E!" later this summer so if she was hoping for an actual career in Hollywood, despite her sister's boozy antics, she essentially just torpedoed herself with an insipid reality show.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of celebrity kids, Tom Cruise' adopted son Connor Cruise has apparently landed a minor role as a younger version of Will Smith in the drama SEVEN POUNDS. And, get this, the kid did it all by himself! He had to audition and everything! Wowee!
Source: MSNBC



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