Alice Eve might be Emma Frost and Tommy Lee Jones is in Captain America

Here's a pair of superhero-themed news stories to top off your afternoon. According to a short blurb from Deadline, SHE’S OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE’s Alice Eve is in negotiations to play Emma frost in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, and in less hot news, Tommy Lee Jones will play Col. Phillips in CAPTAIN AMERICA.

I remember hearing a little while ago that Rosamund Pike was actually set to take on the Frost role, but Alice Eve would certainly be a welcome replacement. Pike is cool (no pun intended), but the latest time my jaw dropped in a film was Alice Eve disrobing in LEAGUE, a moment that you can relive here over at MovieHotties.

She’d make a fine Frost to be sure, and hopefully there are similar scenes in this movie. Who did Frost hook up with in the comics again? Write that scene in please. Her powers I believe were telepathy and later the ability to turn her skin to diamonds, something that will surely appeal to the TWILIGHT crowd.

You may recall that Frost appeared briefly in WOLVERINE ORIGINS, but I distinctly remember thinking when she showed up (played by actress/model Tahnya Tozzi), "Wow, Emma Frost is way hotter than that."

Sorry Tommy Lee Jones, your news is trumped by the combined hotness of Emma Frost and Alice Eve. Congrats though!

Quite the resemblance:

Extra Tidbit: They could have said "Alice Eve cast as Beast" and I still would have been all for it.
Source: Deadline



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