Alien gets a reboot

Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that while they try to get a PREDATOR reboot off the ground, Fox is concurrently planning to relaunch the ALIEN franchise as well. Their scooper claims that Fox has hired commercial vet Carl Rinsch to direct a new ALIEN film with Ridley and Tony Scott producing. As of now it wasn't clear if it would be an origin story or a complete reboot of the franchise. I guess an origin story would be interesting but there would be a lot of issues to work out (like if humans were witness to the origins of the alien species, how come no one knew about them).

Rinsch is a director at Ridley Scott Associates where he's directed a number of FX-heavy commercials (a few of which you can watch here). So the good news is that he was recommended for the job by Scott who will also be producing the film. That at least calms my nerves a little bit. So if you had to pick between an origin story and a complete reboot, which would you pick?

Extra Tidbit: What does anyone know about a short that Rinsch directed called FALFURIOUS?



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