Aliens take over Earth

Hollywood seems to have this fascination with aliens coming and taking over or wiping out our world. Not that I mind cause I enjoy the occassional alien takeover movie (INDEPENDENCE DAY being the exception). Warner Bros. is prepping another one for us, actually three as they plan to create a trilogy based on Greg Bear's novels, which start with THE FORGE OF GOD. BLACK HAWK DOWN writer Ken Nolan wrote a 70-page "scriptment" which sold Warners on the idea. Nolan is expected to write the script for all three installments.

The plot follows Earth's attempts to contact extraterrestrial life, only to realize once we do, we probably should've let sleeping dogs lie. The aliens we contact destroy Earth living only a few survivors. The second chapter would deal with the last of the Earthlings high-tailing it to outer space for some revenge. The third installment hasn't even been written by Bear yet but the filmmakers are expected to collaborate with the author as to its direction. Isn't it fascinating that the same studio who brought you SCOOBY-DOO brings you movies like this, THE MATRIX and the upcoming Brad Pitt/Darren Aronofsky collaboration THE FOUNTAIN??...

Source: Variety
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