All Melissa McCarthy does is win in new red-band trailer for The Boss

I get it... Melissa McCarthy's comedies are not for everyone. Hell, quite often, they're not even for me, as far too many fims have called upon her to embody that obnoxious lead who is supposed to be funny but isn't way too often. As a result, there is a built-in skepticism that comes with any movie these days that brandishes her name. However, giving each one a shot to show they might not be "one of those flicks" allows us to maybe find some laughs that we otherwise may not have uncovered. The new red-band trailer for THE BOSS heads into that direction.

Busted for insider trading after building herself as a titan of business, McCarthy's character must work her way back up out of rock bottom. It's going to be a Girl Scout-type organization that helps her get there, with plenty of insults to go around on her path to redemption. Kristen Bell plays the straight woman to her outrageousness, and they appear to work well as a team. Comedy is, of course, subjective, but I got enough out of this look at THE BOSS to think the film could at least be good enough to put a smile on my face while watching it down the road.

THE BOSS hits theaters on April 8.



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