Allen back to NY

Woody Allen After spending the better part of his life in a seemingly endless cinematic romance with New York, indie emperor Woody Allen ventured outside the city that never sleeps for his last three films - two in London and his most recent in Spain. Time, it seems, has healed whatever wounds were inflicted on him by the tempestuous NYC that caused Allen to seek refuge in Europe as in an interview promoting his Spain-filmed romantic dramedy VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA, he let it slip that for his next film, he'll be returning to his beloved New York. No details were given beyond that, of course, though we can assume Scarlett Johansson will either be starring, taking a very prominent role or at the very least her miraculous chest will make a busty cameo. The aforementioned BARCELONA has no release date as yet (except in Spain where it'll open September 19th of next year) but we'll let you know as soon as it gets one.

Extra Tidbit: In BARCELONA, Javier Bardem stars as a painter who begins a relationship with two American tourists, one of which is current Allen muse Scarlett Johansson, but runs into trouble when his jealous ex-girlfriend, in the form of Penelope Cruz, starts wrecking shit up.
Source: Risky Biz Blog



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