Am. History X director talks

To be perfectly honest, even though I think AMERICAN HISTORY X is a piece of sliced genius, for some reason I have never bothered to find out about the guy that made the damn thing. If you're in the same boat, and are only now realising that you know absolutely nothing about the director of the flick's past or future projects, fear not; there is an incredibly interesting piece on the guy over at the Telegraph. The article gives us a little insight into the absolutely (and perhaps purposely) crazy life of director Tony Kaye, who basically made AMERICAN HISTORY X in 1998 and then went Troy Duffy on Hollywood and lost all his friends (including Marlon Brando who tried his level best to help the guy). I haven't seen any of the guy's adverts, but from what I can tell from this article, the guy is something special. And there's something about crazy ass-hole directors that I love. Make sure you read the article, because it's really interesting, even if for some reason, you happen to not think that AMERICAN HISTORY X was a masterpiece.

Kaye has his first film since X, BLACK WATER TRANSIT (with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson), dropping some time this year.
Extra Tidbit: When Kaye lobbied to have the directorial credit for AMERICAN HISTORY X changed to 'Humpty Dumpty', New Line refused, and as such, Kaye told Marlon Brando he was going to legally change his name to Mr. Dumpty, just to spite them. Awesome!
Source: Telegraph



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