Amanda Bynes getting a Hall Pass

I've long viewed Amanda Bynes as one of the last "good girl" actresses who hasn’t "gone bad." What I mean by that is no coke habit, no leaked nude pics and no subsequent downward career spiral, despite success early on in her life. Sure, she’s done a Maxim spread (seen here), but that’s about as controversial as she’s gotten, despite growing up to be quite the hottie.

Well, it appears her career is growing up as well.The SHE’S THE MAN star is taking on a role in the Farrelly brothers’ new comedy, HALL PASS, a story of married couples who give each other passes to have affairs without consequence. Sure, without consequence...

Already on board are Owen Wilson, Jenna Fischer and Jason Sudekis. It took me a minute, but when I Googled Sudekis I went, “Ohhhh thaaaat guyyyy.” Man, I really need to watch SNL more these days. Or probably I don’t.

No word on when HALL PASS is due out, the Farrellys are working on it while THE THREE STOOGES mess untangles itself, so in all likelihood, we’ll probably see it out first.

Extra Tidbit: I guess I could also say Hillary Duff never really went bad. But she never really went anywhere...
Source: Variety



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