Amazon has Girlfriend

The below article was posted a few days ago but we just received a brand spanking new featurette for the film so it's been bumped up to the front of the line.

THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE Steven Soderbergh's upcoming THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE has been getting some mixed buzz. Like all of Soderbergh's experimental indie films, some people love the shit out of it and some people hate the shit out of it. Either way, the consensus seems to be that real life porn star Sash Grey, who stars in the film, has some real acting chops. In it, Grey plays an extremely high class prostitute, who simulates for her clients the titular experience at a hefty cost, as she struggles with the demands of her job and boyfriend. If you can't wait for the May 22nd release or don't feel like hunting down the film at a local indie theater, Amazon has done us a solid and is streaming the film over HERE for a mere ten bucks. Below you'll also find a new featurette for the film.

Extra Tidbit: Grey apparently had a clause in her contract stipulating she could not have sex on-screen.
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