Amazon.com gets into the Hollywood producing game with Amazon Studios

Well, Amazon already sells practically everything, so why not add selling your personal film projects to Hollywood as well?

"It's much easier now to make movies but it's still as hard as ever to break into Hollywood. We think we can play an interesting role in changing that."

That's basically what the brand new Amazon Studios is all about, according to the venture's director Roy Price. The website will allow users to upload screenplays and sample films and then - this is interesting - "use community tools to evaluate and edit each others' work." Submissions - upon which Amazon Studios will have an 18-month option on - deemed the best by a panel of experts and company executives "will be brought to Warner Bros, where Amazon has signed a first-look deal, in hopes of ultimately producing feature films under the Amazon Studios production label." Monthly and yearly prizes would be awarded to the highest rated screenplays and films. Through the end of 2011, prizes will total $2.7 million.

"Amazon will then have the ability to take projects to Warner Bros. or, if it passes, other studios in hopes of getting them made. Writers or directors whose script or sample film is turned into a theatrically released film by a studio would get paid $200,000 by Amazon."

Price has said that the new company was put together in order to apply digital technology to the still antiquated process of submitting and developing film projects for studios. "The goal is to get commercial feature films made and distributed through the studio system. That's the only way this project can make any money."

This is frankly pretty amazing. Amazon is betting on new media-based collaborations to help shape and mold your pet filmmaking projects, and then use their connections to get more than just your foot through Hollywood's door. It provides an outlet for the amateur filmmaker, a chance to get paid, and Amazon no doubt gets a slice for just essentially being intermediaries. Again, kind of amazing. What do you guys think, and more importantly, would you consider using such a service?

Check out Amazon Studios as well as a clear breakdown of the monetary prizes for submissions (all of which are very enticing if somewhat farfetched) RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Would you mind having your work be evaluated and even edited if it meant the opportunity to have it made into an actual feature? That's the kind of thing that already happens in the current system, so...



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