Amber Heard finds a starring vehicle in The Applicant

I'm not saying Amber Heard doesn't DESERVE a fanbase, but I'm just not quite sure where it came from, or why any time I do a Cast This column, she's always suggested a million times.

Previously, she's had bit parts in ZOMBIELAND and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, and she got some attention when she disrobed in THE INFORMERS, but she's still looking for an actual breakout.

Well, that might come in the form of THE APPLICANT, which will be the first time Heard headlines a film. She'll play “an underage prep school senior obsessed with admission to Yale who will stop at nothing to get her way, including seducing and ruining the life of an admissions director with connections to a top Yale professor."

Well we have "Amber Heard" and "seducing" in the same sentence, so it can't be all bad. Reminds me a little bit of ELECTION from the sound of it. Heard is branching out with roles in THE RUM DIARY, DRIVE ANGRY and AND SOON THE DARKNESS, so all you early fans can say you liked her way back when as she's likely to be a household name in not too long.

Extra Tidbit: My favorite young starlet I'm currently pulling for to break out is Friday Night Light's Minka Kelly.
Source: ScreenDaily



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