AMC bringing Best Picture nominees back to theaters

So you've seen the list of ten Best Picture nominees, and you've only seen half of them? Well, you're in luck, because AMC is bringing back at least half of them to theaters before the Oscars, so no Netflix queues or piracy needed!

They currently have a poll up where you can pick out of the ten which four movies you want them to show alongside AVATAR, because obviously, that’s still going to be in theaters at this point. It seems to me that stuff like THE BLIND SIDE and UP IN THE AIR should still be in theaters as well (or at least your local dollar theater), but who knows.

I’d definitely vote for bringing HURT LOCKER to the big screen, as the movie made something like $12M in domestic release, despite being an Oscar frontrunner. AN EDUCATION and A SERIOUS MAN also could probably use a theater go-round, but I can’t even believe SERIOUS is nominated in the first place. I still have yet to check out EDUCATION.

So go here to place your vote as to what you want brought back. Sadly you can’t write in MOON.

Extra Tidbit: No one is more hit or miss to me than the Coens.
Source: AMC



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