AMC releases official sneak peak for the season premiere of The Walking Dead

I never got into THE WALKING DEAD. It came at just the wrong time for me - there was the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, ZOMBIELAND, and a slew of other zombie media that by the time WALKING DEAD premiered I was just plain zombie-ed out. And from what I've heard from friends who do watch it, I didn't really miss out on much. Then again, it has a huge fanbase that's going strong, so I'm sure it's doing something right. And hell, even my friends who supposedly "hate" it are still watching it, so that's gotta count for something as well.

Anyway, the seventh season is going to premiere soon, and there's still the lingering question of WHO SHOT MR. BURNS! Or, no, wait, WHO KILLED J.R.! No, wait, it's WHO DID NEGAN (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) KILL at the end of season 6!? While it doesn't actually answer the question, AMC has released a special sneak peak of the premiere. Let's have a look-see:

What? Negan isn't a zombie? Where are the zombies? I wanted a badass Jeffrey Dean Morgan zombie whomping ass, goddammit!

Anyway, like I said the clip doesn't give away much, but it does look suitably intense. And Morgan looks like he's relishing playing a demented bad guy. Now, having never seen the show before, this does absolutely nothing for me. However, I feel that if I did care about these characters, this would be harrowing as f*ck. So the quality is definitely on display. You know, I might even give it a shot sometime, but first I have so many shows to catch up on. I mean, FULLER HOUSE is still streaming on Netflix!

The seventh season of THE WALKING DEAD will premiere on AMC on October 23rd, 2016.

Anyone else still watching? And if so, who do you think the Comedian killed?

Extra Tidbit: Robert Kirkman's original idea was to have the origin of the zombie apocalypse be alien in nature. It's still up in the air if that is indeed the case of not.
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