American Psycho musical

Disney has found sackfuls of success converting their 'toons to Broadway shows, and it's worked for other movie properties, so it makes perfect sense for Patrick Bateman to follow.

Wait, what?

It's true -- producers want to follow in the bloody footsteps of SWEENEY TODD, and turn AMERICAN PSYCHO into a stage musical. Like Bret Easton Ellis' fascinatingly vile tribute to 80s excess, and the film adaptation featuring Christian Bale's brilliant performance, the project will utilize familiar hit songs from the decade amidst the satire and slaughter.

The story follows a selfish and unhinged Wall Street banker who traces a path of mayhem through whores and faceless colleagues while providing commentary on the pop music of the day. The producers (inlcuding author Ellis and the film's producer Ed Pressman) hope to have the Valentino-wearing villain killing and crooning on stage in 2010.

"I have to return some video TAPES! I killed Paul ALLEN with an AXE in the FACE!" Eh, could work...

Extra Tidbit: Bale was Oliver Stone's first choice to play still-President Bush in the biopic W.
Source: THR



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