"Amityville" redux?

File this report under films that just don't need to be made.   It looks as if somewhere, someone in Hollywood is trying to get another AMITYVILLE HORROR project off-the-ground.  Separate reports at both Coming Attractions and their sister site Test Pattern, have it that Daniel Farrands, who wrote HALLOWEEN 6 and an Amityville documentary for The History Channel, is shopping a revamped version of the 1979 haunted house film.  The original starred James Brolin and Margot Kidder in a decently spooky film about a house that's just plain evil.  Farrands is supposedly negotiating with Dimension Films to produce a sequel to the original film (ignoring all those terrible TV incarnations) which would be similar to how HALLOWEEN H20 "revitalized" that series.  The film would basically follow the same plot as the original except with a new family moving into the spooky house on Long Island.  Whether Dimension bites on the pitch from Farrands remains to be seen but it's looking likely that somewhere down the line, we'll see a AMITYVILLE remake.   Meanwhile, if you're looking to get a good scare, just try reading the book.   As usual, it's much, much better than the movie...

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