An Avatar trilogy?

I thought that when James Cameron first began his sci-fi epic AVATAR, he mentioned the possibility of the story conceivably spilling into more movies.

Now that some of his actors are out promoting other projects, they're dropping the term "trilogy" in regards to Cameron's long-in-the-making 3D interplanetary adventure, as does Michelle Rodriguez below (and Laz Alonso over at Collider), thereby making it news... again.

Of course, this could merely mean the actors all agreed to three films, should that actually become a reality... but we all know how frequently filmmakers talk of trilogies (Cameron said the same thing about his planned FORBIDDEN PLANET remake). The first movie would obviously need to perform well enough at the box office to justify its budget of $200 million (officially, but likely closer to $300 million, especially factoring in the new technology developed by Cameron). And given Cameron's propensity to spend a long, long time making projects (and cruising around underwater), his interest could certainly change once he finally births this one.

The futuristic movie follows a paraplegic war veteran who travels to a distant world, where Earthlings find themselves at odds with each other and the indigenous humanoid species.

Extra Tidbit: So... BATTLE ANGEL ALITA in 2023?
Source: JoBlo



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