An extreme close-up of Hector Hammond's face from Green Lantern

The opinions on the GREEN LANTERN trailer seem to be pretty strong amongst the fans.

Some people say it was awesome and others say it was yawn worthy. Putting your current opinion aside, I think it's fair to say that Peter Sarsgaard is a creepy Hector Hammond. When I first saw the set photos of Sarsgaard in his wearing the prosthetic forehead it looked a little funny. But when it came to the trailer, his character was one of the things that stood out most for me. Most likely due to the fact that he has a big, giant forehead that's hard to miss. Sarsgaard is a great actor though, or at least in my own opinion he is.

Bleeding Cool got a close-up photo of Hammond from one of the upcoming GREEN LANTERN comics. They also have a photo from the same comic of what might be the first look at the Parallax. A lot of other sites had the pic posted until Warner Bros. yanked it saying that the image was not supposed to be released at this time. If you want to check out the Parallax photo go here.

What is the Parallax? "Parallax is the physical embodiment of fear, an entity given power by the emotional electromagnetic spectrum. Thousands of years ago the Guardians of the Universe imprisoned him in their Central Power Battery on Oa, and his presence caused the infamous yellow impurity in the Green Lantern Corps' power rings. During Emerald Twilight he was finally released when he possessed the legendary Hal Jordan, turning him evil and driving him completely insane. Green Lantern: Rebirth showed Jordan released from the malevolent creature's control, although it has since gone on to become a member of Sinestro's Corps when it possessed Kyle Rayner."

Extra Tidbit: Okay, so what are your thoughts on the GREEN LANTERN trailer? What looks great or what bothers you about it?



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