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An Off-Broadway Mormon musical from Trey Parker and Matt Stone?


While this isn't film or even television news, it is "potentially funny shit" news which is just perfect for a Friday (i.e. there's nothing else to really report).

"South Park" and TEAM AMERICA masterminds Matt Stone and Trey Parker, along with composer/lyricist Robert Lopez of "Avenue Q" fame, will be bringing their special brand of musical to the curtained stage in New York later this year.

Variety speculates on the potential subject matter: "...it seems a sure bet the project will turn out to be the tuner about Mormons on which the three creatives have been collaborating for some time."

The musical is currently set for an August-September run during the 2010-11 season at Off-Broadway's New York Theater Workshop. Somewhere, Joseph Smith, Jr. is already spinning in his grave. Again.
Extra Tidbit: Check out the "South Park" episode All About the Mormons? where Stone and Parker first skewer the religion through the fused power of comedy and music.
Source: Variety



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