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An older Butch Cassidy


Newman in the final BUTCH CASSIDY scene

While we're still wondering if news of Travolta wanting to play Butch Cassidy will be just a bad dream, Spain's Arcadia Motion Pictures is gearing up their own story on the famed outlaw, and they had an inspired casting choice for him.

BLACKTHORNE to be directed by ABRES LOS OJOS scribe Mateo Gil will follow a Sundance-less Cassidy around 1910, after he survived the shoot-out with the Bolivian army, and looking for one final score in America to secure his retirement. The man himself will be played by the great Sam Shepard, with Stephen Rea playing a man hunter who wants to prove the bank robber is still alive.

The independent film, with a $7.5M budget, will be in production this coming March in Bolivia and Spain. Anybody feel Shepard can't cut it? Let's hear your thoughts!

Extra Tidbit: I wonder what Robert Redford thinks of all the recent Butch Cassidy talk...
Source: Variety



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