An unlikely Lobo?

Guy Ritchie and producer Joel Silver are planning to bring DC Comics' pale-skinned, killcrazy alien LOBO to big screens... but how?

According to Mania, they're still trying to figure that out. Would it be someone with experience and a physique, such as Dwayne Johnson, Ritchie regular Jason Statham or his ROCKnROLLA star Gerard Butler? Will they go the all-CG performance-capture Gollum-style route? Or will it be a costume-enhanced human a la HELLBOY?

Whatever method they utilize to bring the obscenely muscular intergalactic bastich to life, Mania claims a name is being kicked around as a possibility: go-to genre guy and voice actor Clancy Brown, best known as HIGHLANDER's heinous head-collector The Kurgan.

The filmmaker and studio's goal is apparently to get rolling next year, and bring the hyperviolent Last Czarnian to Earth for a PG-13 adventure that finds the ornery hitman hunting fugitives while also dealing with a small-town teenage girl. (I got a few ideas on how that would never get a PG-13 rating.)

A 2002 student film (part of AFI director's studies program) featured Andrew Bryniarski (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE's Leatherface) as LOBO:

Source: Mania



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