And Speed Racer is...

It's not Keanu Reeves or that kid from "High School Musical." It's actually, I think, a really good choice: Emile Hirsch. According to Variety, Hirsch is in final negotiations to star in the Wachowski's SPEED RACER, which is set to begin filming later this summer. You might remember Hirsch best from THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and he's done a great job since of playing the chameleon with parts in LORDS OF DOGTOWN and ALPHA DOG. The film's other main roles - Trixie and Racer X - have yet to be cast. The Wachowskis are planning on filming SPEED RACER a la 300, utilizing complete green screen backgrounds. Warner Bros. recently moved SPEED RACER up to May 9, 2008 to avoid a conflict with INDIANA JONES 4, which opens up on Memorial Day weekend. Hirsch can be seen next in the Sean Penn drama INTO THE WILD.

Extra Tidbit: Because Hirsch was 17 when he was filming GIRL NEXT DOOR they had to put pillows in between him and the actresses giving him the lap dances.
Source: Variety



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