And the 2009 Golden Schmoes winners are...!!

After THE DARK KNIGHT domination that was our Golden Schmoes awards last year (it broke the record of the most wins at these awards with 12), this year's crop of winners was a little more evenly divided, despite AVATAR beating all kinds of box-office records in North America and around the world in 2009/2010. Surprisingly, this year's big winner was Quentin Tarantino's INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS which won 6 awards including "Favorite Movie", "Best Screenplay" and "Best Director".

UPDATE - This may be our first Golden Schmoes acceptance speech! Eli Roth took to Twitter today and on behalf of the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS cast and crew said, "Thanks to all the fans who voted for us on @joblocom! One of my favorite movie sites.."

WATCHMEN also placed a surprising second with 5 wins including "Coolest Character", "Best Trailer" and Malin Akerman for "Best T&A" (I know she's hot, but was she really the hottest girl in movies this past year? Yipes.) Despite its 9 nominations, STAR TREK could only finish with 3 runner-up positions for "Best Sci-Fi", "Best Trailer" and "Best DVD". MOON was a nice surprise with 3 wins this year including "Most Underrated", "Best Actor" (Congrats to Rockwell!) and "Best Poster", while AVATAR managed the same amount of wins although one of them was for "Most Overrated Film" of the year. Doh!

This year's winners were clear favorites for the most part (Christoph Waltz for "Best Supporting Actor" anyone?) although two categories were super-close this time around, including "Best Supporting Actress" which was between Monique from PRECIOUS and Diane Kruger from INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, as well as the year's "Biggest Disappointment" which was between WOLVERINE and TERMINATOR: SALVATION. So close! You can see the full list of winners RIGHT HERE.

My personal faves include all the wins by MOON, the 2 wins from ZOMBIELAND for "Best Horror" and "Most Memorable Scene" (BASTERDS had 3 nominees in this category and the votes for each one cancelled each other out), "Best Sci-Fi" and "Biggest Surprise" for DISTRICT 9 and the "Best Line" coming from TAKEN, which also finished as the runner-up for "Biggest Surprise" of the year ("I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want...but I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you."). Nice!

Also, for the second time in the history of the Schmoes, the same celebrity takes the "Favorite Celebrity" tag for 2 years in a row (Robert Downey Jr.). Johnny Depp did the same thing back in 2003-2004, but won it a 3rd time in 2007 as well. Natch. 

Thanks to everyone who participated again this year and who keep making our little awards ceremony more and more popular every year. And if you haven't done so already, be sure to enter our OSCAR PREDICTION CONTEST right HERE! And stay tuned for our Oscar coverage, this coming Sunday, March 7th. See ya'll next year!


Inglourious Basterds: 6 wins
(Favorite Movie, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress,
Best Supporting Actor and Breakthrough Performance of the year)

Watchmen: 5 wins
(Best Music, Best Trailer, Best DVD, Coolest Character and Best T&A)

Moon: 3 wins
(Most Underrated, Best Actor and Best Poster)

Avatar: 3 wins
(Most Overrated, Best Special Effects and Best Action Sequence)


Source: Golden Schmoes



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