And the man chosen to write the Daredevil reboot is...

... who?

Daredevil Born Again coverLet me explain: David James Kelly is the guy who as been hired to do a new draft of the DAREDEVIL reboot, and while he does indeed have representation his only IMDb credit thus far is that of being a post-production assistant on SUNSHINE CLEANING

Which to be fair tells us nothing about his writing ability, as everyone trying to make it in Hollywood often has to work a job or two or six that has little to do with their main talents ("Party Down" anyone?).  And perhaps when the trailer comes out we'll see it was a genius decision to hire Kelly.  I'm certainly ready and willing to be surprised.

Reports also state that the script will be following the plot of "the Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli story arc Born Again, as The Kingpin uncovers the superhero’s secret identity and uses it to turn blind lawyer Matt Murdoch’s life upside down."

So for you fans of The Man Without Fear out there, what would you pick for a title? DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN? Actually, that might actually work well considering this is meant to be a reboot and all...

Extra Tidbit: Conversely, they could copy IRON MAN and do an origin story set in Afghanistan. Meaning the movie could be called DAREDEVIL: BORN AFGHAN.



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