Anderson is Warded

Warded Man book illustration

RESIDENT EVIL moneymaker Paul W.S. Anderson with producer Jeremy Bolt are set to dwell in a different kind of post-apocalyptic future after the upcoming PANDORUM, with an adaptation of the fantasy novel THE WARDED MAN, known to non-U.S. bookworms as The Painted Man. Why the title change? Probably a global conspiracy to have us spend for both versions. Like Harry Potter. Raise your hand fans who have only one edition of 'em!

Part one of the yet-incompleted Demon Cycle trilogy, the story fast forwards to a time where demon attacks have reduced mankind to a medieval-type society whose only hope is a trio of mysterious individuals, one of them covered with spell tattoos. Ward is apparently a spell. Or a MILF if joined with the word "Sela".

From the looks of it, Mila Jovovich's meal ticket sees the impending film franchise with quite hungry eyes, telling The Hollywood Reporter "We think it has the potential to be a new 'Lord of the Rings'-style epic". Never hurts to hope, I guess. On the other hand, it's fresh material and not an umpteenth remake, so I'll keep an open mind.

Extra Tidbit: Anderson added the WS to his name because he was sick of being asked about the frogs in MAGNOLIA. Now, instead, he's being asked about working with Bill Murray...



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