Angel Heart remake

Producer Michael De Luca (AMERICAN HISTORY X) has purchased the rights to ANGEL HEART with a view to remaking the 1987 Mickey Rourke classic. Yeah, I added the 'classic'. What of it? The film follows the exploits of Harry Angel, a New York detective hired by a mysterious client to track down a once-popular performer indebted to him. While pursuing this seemingly routine investigation, Harry encounters dark and supernatural forces.

Of course this is happening. It's a good movie and it's twenty years old. Why wouldn't Hollywood remake it? We'll be seeing a TROPIC THUNDER remake in a couple of years. At least Mickey Rourke is making a comeback of sorts with THE WRESTLER. Maybe they'll get him back to play the lead again, that would be cool. Well that was a fun little walk in the world of fantasy but let's face it this time next week I'll be reporting Brett Ratner took the directing job and Chris Tucker is playing Angel.
Extra Tidbit: De Niro doesn't need to come back, thanks.
Source: Variety



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