Angelina Jolie does a Daniel Plainview with Aronofsky?

While I'm not much of a fan of her work, Angelina Jolie does do certain things pretty well. One of those things though is not starring in the occasional indie flick. That could all change though with the upcoming project SELENA. Jolie is in talks with Darren Aronofsky to star in an adaptation of the 2008 Ron Rash novel of the same name.

As the title of this article suggest, the film would be something of a THERE WILL BE BLOOD for Jolie. The actress would star as Selena (obvs), a woman who, along with her husband George, builds a rather large timber empire in the 1920s. She proves herself every bit as capable as the men in the wilderness but as her wealth and power grows, so does her nuttiness. When she learns she cannot bear a child, her ire turns towards the son her husband had before they married.

While this does seem to compare to Daniel Day Lewis' Oscar-winning turn as Daniel Plainview, it also has shades of Lady Macbeth sprinkled over a Cormac McCarthy landscape. I'd frankly be a bit more excited about Aronofsky directing such a tale were not Jolie involved but I'm still interested.

The reps for Jolie and Aronofsky are shopping the project around Hollywood (with a promised rewrite on the Chris Kyle script by Aronofsky) but it's highly possible they could go the WRESTLER route and produce the film independently and then look for distribution.

Aronofsky recently wrapped filming on BLACK SWAN while Jolie is filming THE TOURIST with Johnny Depp.

Extra Tidbit: The novel was based on a short story titled "Pemberton's Bride."
Source: THR



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