Angelina Jolie passes on Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, film now in danger of falling apart?


Way back in February of this year, New York Magazine's Vulture reported that Angelina Jolie would not be returning for WANTED 2, leaving it by the wayside to instead jump aboard Alfonso Cuaron's sci-fi space thriller GRAVITY back when it was at Universal. That news, however, was soon amended when Entertainment Weekly updated the report, saying that Jolie had in fact passed on Cuaron's film and was still actively looking for what her next project would be.

Since then, GRAVITY has moved to its new home at Warner Bros. and apparently loads of Hollywood leading ladies have either tested or been approached for the film's primary role. They've included such names as Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman, Naomi Watts, Marion Cotillard, Carey Mulligan, Scarlett Johansson, Sienna Miller, Abbie Cornish, Rebecca Hall, Olivia Wilde, and Blake Lively.

Today, Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. has made a new pitch to Jolie, but that again the actress has turned down the offer. It's not explicitly said why Jolie said no, but the fact is that the actress is about to get knee-deep in her Bosnian War-set love story which will mark her directorial debut from a script she herself wrote.

Here's Deadline's Mike Fleming with a quick summary of GRAVITY: "[The film] is set on a remote space station. While a team leader (Downey) and a female colleague are traveling outside, the other team members get wiped out by a debris field from an exploding satellite. The film's central focus is the heroine's desperate attempt to return home to her child."

So, now WB is feeling pressure and the film is apparently in jeopardy. The studio needs an actress with screen presence and that can draw an audience to an $80 million film. Warners obviously believes in the material if they're gonna be falling over themselves to approach so many actresses, but they're also understandably trying to protect their potential investment. With the female lead evidently the sole person we see on screen for the majority of the film (Robert Downey Jr.'s screen time is comparatively much smaller), their trepidation makes sense.

So what happens now? Will the budget be cut to accommodate a lesser marquee name? Will the project be stalled until an A-Lister can be secured? What will this mean for Cuaron and his involvement should the film be indefinitely put on hold? Too many questions, but let's hope this one gets resolved well and soon.
Extra Tidbit: GRAVITY was scripted by Cuaron and his son Jonas.
Source: Deadline



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