Angelina Jolie says no to Wanted 2, goes to space instead

Angelina Jolie has dealt Universal a double whopper this week: she's officially backed out of the in-development WANTED sequel and she's leaving and taking her sci-fi thriller with her. Jolie had been in talks with the studio to star in GRAVITY, a thriller that was written and would be directed by Oscar-nominee Alfonso Cuaron But the studio felt the project was too expensive for something so creatively challenging that they let the project go. Cuaron took the project to Warner Bros. where they'll produce it alongside Legendary Pictures.

As described by New York Magazine, the film sounds something like Duncan Jones' brilliant MOON. Jolie spends much of the movie on-screen by herself as the last member of a space mission who is desperately trying to return home. Cuaron is no dummy though and I expect there are plenty of twists and turns that we don't know about yet.

Jolie is currently filming THE TOURIST with Johnny Depp and has SALT set for release later this year. She has no project formally set after TOURIST and if GRAVITY moves along well, Cuaron, Jolie and WB could get it filming later this year.

Extra Tidbit: Cuaron wrote the script with his son. Take Your Kids to Work Day?
Source: NY Mag



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