Angelina takes her panties off in this new Salt clip

A lot of the attention for this month's action-packed movies has gone to INCEPTION - and rightfully so, the movie is spectacular. But let's not forget all about Angelina Jolie's spy thriller SALT. It hits theaters a week after INCEPTION and it will be interesting to see how it holds up.

It will also be interesting, when all is said and done, to see how SALT does compared to KNIGHT & DAY. Tom Cruise somewhat famous left SALT to star in the more comedic KNIGHT & DAY and SALT was rewritten for a female character. Will that prove to have been a smart movie? Will Angelina Jolie prove to be a bigger draw than Tom Cruise? Well this movie does have Jolie taking her panties off and using them to her advantage, which I don't remember Tom Cruise ever doing (at least not in public). Check out the clip below.

Extra Tidbit: Was going to make a terrible Salt N' Pepa joke but I'll spare you.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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