Angels/Demons trailer

I like Tom Hanks. I like Ron Howard and Ewan McGregor. I also like mystery thrillers. So you'd think I'd be a little more excited about ANGELS AND DEMONS. But I'm not. And this new trailer for the film is evidence of why. There were some pretty glaring problems with THE DA VINCI CODE but because of the phenomenon that surrounded the book, it still did pretty big business. Now Ron and company could've used the time since that movie came out to fine tune what they wanted to do with the prequel/sequel ANGELS but instead have made a movie that looks every bit as stodgy as DA VINCI. Maybe I'm wrong but nothing in this trailer wows me at all. You can check it out for yourself below (or head here to see it in HD) and let me know what you think in the comments section...

Extra Tidbit: I'm sure if you slow this trailer down you'll find some viral crap hidden in there somewhere.
Source: MSN



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