Animated Anakin!

George Lucas just can’t seem to let the STAR WARS universe be. Didn’t he see the performance by the cast of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE at Sunday’s Grammy Awards? Let it be, man. I’m kidding. There is way too much demand out there, and still an amazing well of story left (considering everything is made up). The latest version of STAR WARS storytelling is the animated series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, which follows the events after ATTACK OF THE CLONES and just before REVENGE OF THE SITH. USA Today has our first look at a computer animated Anakin Skywalker, standing next to a new character, his padawan (Jedi apprentice) Ahsoka. The series which actually kick-off as a feature film (much to my surprise) to be released on August 15th, and will then segue into a half hour-episode series on TNT. Click on Hayden Christensenesque caricature to head over to USA Today to read the rest of the article.
Extra Tidbit: Yoda's vocals come from voice actor Tom Kane, who has also voiced the likes of Magneto and Doctor Doom.
Source: USA Today



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