Animated Beatles?

Paul McCartney has signed a deal with Unique Features to adapt his children's book HIGH IN THE CLOUDS into an animated film. McCartney would write original songs for the film though it's unclear if they would be the score for the film or more traditional pop/rock singles. Rob Minkoff (THE LION KING) will direct the film based on a script by Caroline Thompson (EDWARD SCISSORHANDS). The story follows a squirrel named Wirral who sets of to find Animalia, a tropic animal sanctuary but insteads finds a world where animals are imprisoned in factories (shades of McCartney's active PETA membership coming through).

The film is being produced by former New Line heads Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne who were let go when Warner Bros. absorbed it's sister company. So far it's not doing much to impress me but if it, along with "Rock Band: The Beatles" opens kids up to actual Beatles music (instead of that abysmal "Kidz Bop" cover band shit), it's a good thing.

Extra Tidbit: The film would mark the first time McCartney was involved with an animated project since YELLOW SUBMARINE (not counting, I suppose, this brilliant episode of "The Simpsons").
Source: Variety



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