Animated Indy?!

There was the big announcement earlier this year that Lucasfilm and Warner Bros. would be releasing the STAR WARS cartoon THE CLONE WARS in theaters this summer. But for my money, I'd rather see the animated adventures of INDIANA JONES. And is it possible that's on the horizon? Check out this new pic:

Sadly it's not a still from a new INDIANA JONES cartoon but instead limited edition lithograph that's available on the newly launched Indiana Jones Shop. Says the shop: This 13"x19" fine art giclee on paper, limited to just 245 pieces, depicts the tooned-up Indy and Marion staving off the darkness in Raiders of the Lost Ark's Well of Souls...Each print is hand numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The piece was drawn by Patrick Schoenmaker who has created some other fantastic INDY artwork:

So I guess this begs the question, why not make "The Animated Adventures of Indiana Jones?" Roll with Schoemaker's designs and make an entire series out of it. I know I'd be there. What are you thoughts? Is "Animated Indy" gold?



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