Aniston & Bateman

Though Jennifer Aniston shared a pad with Vince Vaughn in THE BREAK-UP, was she secretly eyeballing his chum Jason Bateman?

Regardless, the two will wind up together (sort of) in the upcoming comedy THE BASTER (not to be confused with the moronically spelled INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS).

In the flick, Bateman plays Aniston's best friend who discovers she wants to get pregnant through artificial insemination. He then replaces the donor sperm with his own spunk to become the kid's secret dad. Which would normally seem incredibly evil, but should still get some chuckles considering the talent involved...

The movie comes from BLADES OF GLORY directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon, and is adapted from a New Yorker magazine story by screenwriter Allen Loeb (21). Bateman will next be seen getting serious in the political drama STATE OF PLAY before returning to potential hilarity in Mike Judge's EXTRACT, while Aniston appears in this week's HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU and continues to mourn Marley.

Extra Tidbit: Surprisingly, Bateman never appeared on an episode of "FRIENDS". Just about everyone else did.
Source: THR



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