Aniston gets Traveling

Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart have signed on to star in the romantic drama (oh no...) for Universal and first-time director Brandon Camp. In the film, Aniston will play a woman working in a hotel where a "charismatic self-help guru" (Eckhart) is lecturing on overcoming grief. They become friends and she helps him realize that he's not using any of the practices he's preaching. Eckhart signed on to the project back in May and now Aniston will be the one to make his heart all atwitter. BTW, is it just me or could you apply the adjective "charismatic" to pretty much every part Eckhart has been playing lately? For his next role I want him to play a bumbling loser. Camp had previously written the Kevin Costner drama DRAGONFLY (also about coping with grief) and was the creator of the shortlived Fox drama "John Doe." Camp co-wrote the film with writing partner Mike Thompson. Aniston is currently filming HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU for New Line and will then move to the comedy MANAGEMENT with Steve Zahn. TRAVELING would come next, early in 2008, and afterwards possibly MARLEY & ME depending on Owen Wilson's status.

Extra Tidbit: Camp is one of a proud few to have survived an early assistantship with producer Scott Rudin.
Source: Variety



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