Aniston is Goree

Jennifer being "Friendly"

Here's something I didn't expect: Jennifer Aniston as a prison inmate. And that's not all: Jennifer Aniston as a COUNTRY SINGING prison inmate. Somewhere in a developing nation, Angelina Jolie is laughing herself silly...

The Friends beauty signed on to headline GOREE GIRLS, based on the real story of a group of imprisoned gals who got pardoned after forming a popular all-girls Country-Western band inside prison walls, during the 1940s. Andy Dufresne had it all wrong after all...

GREY GARDENS director Michael Sucsy will make his non-TV film directorial debut for Dreamworks with production set to launch in January, after going through a bit of a turnaround when the studio packed and left Paramount. That darn rift between Spielberg and Sumner Redstone almost cost us Jen as a prison cowgirl! Unacceptable!

Extra Tidbit: Poor Andy. "Five hundred yards of sh*t smelling foulness I can't even imagine, or maybe I just don't want to." Can't you just hear Morgan Freeman saying that?!
Source: Variety



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