Anna Faris to star in Private Benjamin remake

Is Anna Faris the new Goldie Hawn? Not sure about that but she's a lot closer than Kate Hudson (or Jennifer Lopez, who's signed on for an OVERBOARD remake). Faris, one of the few female actresses who can lead a legitimate non-romantic comedy, has signed on to star in a remake of PRIVATE BENJAMIN for New Line. While many may see this as just the latest in a remaking of 80s comedies like VACATION and POLICE ACADEMY, remember that BENJAMIN was nominated for three Oscars (including Best Actress for Hawn).

Amy Talkington is in talks to write the film specifically with Faris in mind as the star. Like the original, the remake will follow a spoiled woman who decides to join the Army on a whim after her husband dies on their wedding night. I guess my question is whether the socio-political commentary that flowed underneath the laughs in the original will still be relevant in 30 years later.

It does seem though that the new BENJAMIN will see the character heading off to our current military situation in the Middle East. So will this be GREEN ZONE with laughs and boobs? Not sure but I'm hoping on the boobs part.

Source: THR



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