Anna Friel gets Dark with Bradley Cooper

Anna Friel (LAND OF THE LOST) has signed on to co-star alongside Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro in the now-filming thriller DARK FIELDS. In the film Cooper plays a down-on-his-luck writer (is there any other kind?) who's life and career is given a boost after the use of a mysterious new drug. Things go south when his new-found focus leads him to a financial windfall and public notoriety, which brings him to the attention of some rather unsavory individuals (including De Niro's character Carl Van Loon). Friel will play Melissa, Cooper's estranged and beautiful ex-wife (that frequently appears to him in sexy and half-naked dreams).

While this all sounds like your typical drug thriller (and I suppose in a way it is), the script is so well-written, you almost don't care. The MDT in the script isn't like coke or heroin or something but a futuristic designer drug that doesn't feature the usual side-effects.

Neil Burger (THE ILLUSIONIST) is directing from a script by Leslie Dixon (who in turn adapted from the book by Alan Glynn). Relativity and Rogue Pictures are financing with Universal Pictures set to distribute. Friel can be seen next in Woody Allen's YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER.

Extra Tidbit: Elizabeth Banks is NOT in this movie despite what you may have read on the web.
Source: THR



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