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Anna Kendrick thinks she's found Mr. Right in Sam Rockwell in new trailer


Sam Rockwell is a cool guy. There is no question about that. He's a handsome man, an excellent dancer, full of personality. Hey... I'm comfortable with my sexuality to be able to admit that Sam Rockwell has strong potential to be Mr. Right for many - both ladies and men.

That's the same thing Anna Kendrick sees in Rockwell in the new trailer for the fittingly titled MR. RIGHT, except there is one little snag to everything being a perfect set-up between them - he is a contract killer, and... well, that can lead to some complicated issues within the relationship.

But I guess there are worse problems to encounter when trying to find love. We'll see if Kendrick and Rockwell can work through their obstacles in order to find happiness together, and, with any luck, both walk away alive once MR. RIGHT hits its day-and-date release on April 8.

Source: Focus World



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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